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TheBetbox is a ZemByte company. The idea behind TheBetbox is not knowing what you get. Going with the flow of life.


ZemByte is a Website and Game development company.

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- You need to be above the age of 18 to bet on boxes.
ZemByte and TheBetbox are not responsible for the loss of your product if the box was send on time.
Be aware. Betbox is a betting game. If you have any history of addiction, we do not advise ordering any products from TheBetbox.
We do not advise buying boxes if you are not in the financial state to do so. Lending money costs money!
We are not responisble for any personal problems. If you live outside Europe, it can take longer than one month for your box to arrive at your house.
If there is a malfuntion in any of our systems, including internet connection, we will not send or take any orders of boxes untill the problem has been fixed. Check ZemByte's failure twitter page for information if needed. -